It is the heart that matters most

Nichiren Daishonin found that the Lotus Sutra was the truest assessment of Buddhism that Siddhartha expounded. Within the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamui found that not only can all humans attain enlightenment but we also contain Three Treasures. All treasures are necessary but not equally valuable. The most important is the heart, the soul and center of a person. When our minds are muddled and overwhelmed with our human experiences, we distance ourselves from the nourishing nature of heart-connection. Sometimes we have a person to bond with and we should take advantage of the opportunity to step away from  the distractions that allow us to forget one another. Other times we are alone (not lonely) and need to take care of our own healing. As the heart responds to love, care, and compassion, the individual can open themselves up to the blessings of what their future holds. Understanding is key in grasping the depths of the needs of our partner. It is one of the most difficult things to do when we are paying more attention to the suffering in our own life.

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