Small Affairs

A wedding isn’t the only occasion to celebrate a time-honored tradition or adopt/create a new one. For me, weddings began to change when women began marrying themselves. This was not so much because they reached a certain age and hadn’t found “the one”, but because they wanted to acknowledge their personhood and validate self love. […]

The Color of Your Celebration

No matter the type of celebration you are creating, choosing a color scheme is essential to sustaining the mood. It doesn’t take a large budget to develop a theme that contains several colors and a few choice accessories. This is true for each season and the personality of the hosts. For Spring 2016, the following […]

Presidents and Their Wives

It is truly an embarrassment when our political players move away from critical discussions about the country and the world and begin to take shots at their personal lives. I do not condone most of what these people do because I still have a connection with my soul and humanity. So I’m wondering if these […]


You might ask why the International Day of Happiness is a thing. Happiness is important. It can alter the body when the spirit and mind fully believe in its possibilities. When each person is happy they are able to share that happiness with others. Whether through compassionate acts, empathetic gestures or mindfulness, your happiness can […]

5 Reasons We Love Lists

Whomever plans the nuptials,  lists serve as a great way to ensure you keep track of potential inventory and completed tasks.  There are apps and templates that can help you stay organized. Here are 5 Reasons we love lists… 1. Lists give us a sense of security. Even if things don’t get done during its […]


Mindfulness, Spontaneity and Authenticity

Tom & Tom : Black Like You

Black is the new black. (Don't question it.)