Passing: A Contemplation by sister dora

  There’s a pass on the left/A place you can pull off/Some secrets and lies/You can wear like camouflage clothes/And although they cover your body They scratch And Pull and impose Passing strangers stare into you/A mirror or a local store window/To see what you really look like/An illusion of a person between here and […]

Home: Coming & Going

BEFORE Being a celebrant or minister means dealing with circumstances of death as well as the celebrations in life. It can be difficult to come out of our human selves and see a greater meaning in the loss of a loved one. Mourning is a process and the more one confronts their feelings about it, […]

Maylin: A Reqium 

This is Maylin. The last time I recall working with her, she was wearing black and white plaid with her hair died green. I immediately remembered what it was like to approach the end of high school and enter adult world. It almost made me recoil knowing she was soon to move on. The world […]


Mindfulness, Spontaneity and Authenticity

Tom & Tom : Black Like You

Black is the new black. (Don't question it.)