Domestic Potential | Violent Marriages

 I always find it interesting when I enter someone’s home and they have a placard or poster hanging that says “God Blesses Everyone Who Enters This Home” (hearts, italic font). I wonder if they believe it. Did they buy that? Was it a gift they felt they had to put up in order to appease […]

Ableism in the Wedding Industry

A great many things have changed about weddings and receptions as technology and social media have infiltrated the aisle. Some couples are asking that invitees leave their cellular phones in a secure location outside of the event spaces. This is to ensure privacy and possibly how the ceremonial actions are captured. Wedding photography is a […]


There are four planets going retrograde this month: Venus, Mars, Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter did it’s thing last month. All these retrogrades tend to have people in and out of the know to begin attributing all the difficulties they’ve been recently facing to this phenomenon. They give us a chance to be more mindful and conscious […]


Mindfulness, Spontaneity and Authenticity

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