Moving Forward 

I hate moving. The packing and lifting and headaches. I can’t even do it anymore. My stress injuries prevent me from contributing the way I’d like to because I wouldn’t be able to use my hands for the next several days. But moving is also an emotional process. Exchanging one Home for another. Last year […]


The cultural differences between people may be a lot to contend with once the relationship gets deeper. Initially, these differences are adorable or altogether ignored due to blindness. But, when we become mindful and self-aware, we have the capacity to actually deepen the friendship with our partner. Possibly. Or we could alienate them because they […]


Babylon taught me a lot about relationships with men. Specifically. This has nothing to do with queer relationships per se but rather expectations placed on women by men.  It’s a wonder why women care what men think. It seems that the men who will listen to women hook up with the women who don’t care […]

Love Galore and Drew Barrymore 

I’ve been thinking about the small project (from Whoopie Goldberg) examining popular song or media in general that have shaped my view about romance and love. In the span of ten minutes I went through so many different songs that I couldn’t put my finger on a theme, aside from love. It wasn’t only good love, […]

The Good Divorce

This book by Dr. Constance Ahrons carries the subtitle keeping your family together when your marriage comes apart (HarperCollins e-books via The entire focus of this book is on the topic of divorce and how it can be approached in a constructive manner. She outlines what divorce actually is, what is good about it, […]

If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” RUN!

One point that the author Ms. Whoopie makes is the expectations we place on relationships, in particular when you call something a marriage. It presupposes you’re going to be with someone for life and therefore creates fears and actions and reactions that could be avoided. She clarifies that these are her ideas and reflections on […]


Suffice it to say this book is about how your spousal relationship can be quantified and pay off if you are able to make certain sacrifices. These sacrifices are in terms of a couple’s ability to economize their partnership and support further growth when you’ve hit that fork in the road or border wall. (The […]


Mindfulness, Spontaneity and Authenticity

Tom & Tom : Black Like You

Black is the new black. (Don't question it.)