The Spiral 💔🌪

It fluctuates between the confessions of love and the demand for performance. The success of laughter and the failure of words. The thought of familiarity and the knowledge that it remains superficial. It’s easy to fall back into the Spiral. You’ve talked yourself out of the manipulation and into new possibilities. Then, They, turn your […]


The cultural differences between people may be a lot to contend with once the relationship gets deeper. Initially, these differences are adorable or altogether ignored due to blindness. But, when we become mindful and self-aware, we have the capacity to actually deepen the friendship with our partner. Possibly. Or we could alienate them because they […]

The Good Divorce

This book by Dr. Constance Ahrons carries the subtitle keeping your family together when your marriage comes apart (HarperCollins e-books via The entire focus of this book is on the topic of divorce and how it can be approached in a constructive manner. She outlines what divorce actually is, what is good about it, […]

If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” RUN!

One point that the author Ms. Whoopie makes is the expectations we place on relationships, in particular when you call something a marriage. It presupposes you’re going to be with someone for life and therefore creates fears and actions and reactions that could be avoided. She clarifies that these are her ideas and reflections on […]

7 Steps to Becoming an Impressive Communicator

7 Steps to Becoming an Impressive Communicator by Beatriz Valverde Garzon (2013) Smashwords  Communication is the single most important aspect in a relationship. Any relationship. Some of us are stronger communicators than others. For others, communication, at least verbal communication, is not as important or it is misunderstood. The misunderstanding appears when you’re already looking […]

Getting Ready for Marriage

Getting Ready for Marriage by Jim Burns and Doug Fields. Here’s where you can check it out: Google Play-$9.99$9.99 Thrift Books-$12.89$12.90 DougFields website Now here’s why you should read this workbook. The first chapter possess a critical question. One that trumps you and your partner’s want to be married: “are you willing to work […]

There are Rules

Recently, I read and pondered the following quote stateing we are “paralyzed by the illusion of choice.” This was said in response to modern relationships, especially for younger people. I sat back and thought what’s wrong with demanding choice in the intimate relationships you create with another person or other people. Life’s a buffet. Pile […]


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