You might ask why the International Day of Happiness is a thing. Happiness is important. It can alter the body when the spirit and mind fully believe in its possibilities. When each person is happy they are able to share that happiness with others. Whether through


compassionate acts, empathetic gestures or mindfulness, your happiness can change the life of another person. This doesn’t mean that depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness disappears. This doesn’t mean that suffering is erased from your life.

Happiness, in these times, in most times, is a revolutionary act. It means that you are living in the way that you choose that causes no harm to yourself and others. It means a belief in something greater than your individuality. No doubt happiness begins on a personal level, within. Self-knowledge is a critical first place to examine what happiness means. And you are not required to know what makes someone else happy. All you have to be able to do is be open to their happiness manifesting in its own way.


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