Couples Questionnaire

All couples go through a trying process of preparing for their wedding day. Some are able to jump at the event planning opportunity and others are reluctant to begin a series of commitments that will end in a party that will exhaust them to kingdom come.

Whether or not you decide to use a wedding planner, the officiant/celebrant/pastor you choose will need some of the very same information you provide to the event specialist. Albeit a small portion of the overall day, for many, the ceremony is the most important expression of an adult rite of passage. However it is formed, the ceremony and all of its elements tell the witnesses exactly who this couple is as a blended unit. Far be it for the officiant to ruin the ceremonial act by spouting off nonsense or speaking at inaudible levels. The day is for the couple and should be centered around the couples wants and needs. Whatever the officiant can provide for the bringing together of two people in marriage should be achieved.

The document below is designed to help couples share initial information about their wedding needs. It can be used as the basis of simple officiating or the foundation of a larger plan of action.

Couples Questionnaire


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