Quills: Writing Angry

What did people do, so long ago, when they got heated by information they heard? Did they write a letter like a post on Facebook? Did they say “Ay, me, I must write this! And henceforth, slowly ruin my reputation.” During this insight, do they reach for a quill and jam it into the inkwell…only to break the tip.

The tip! How will the angry letter be written. In blood. With fingers unguided by feather.

Sure you’re like it’s *olden days* but there must be more quills. No there are no more quills. This is olden days and we don’t have that kind of money, time or birds. But there is enough for one quill and an inkwell to write an angry letter about our feelings.

How long are you willing to wait to have it received? Who cares! You broke the only proper writing utensil at your disposal. Okay say you have two. You’ll break that one too. Now there’s nothing to write with and no one left with sense enough to write.

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