Ganesha Cards 3 Card Spread: #43 Innocence, #47 Joy, #36 Healing

From Angela Hartfield’s “Whispers of Lord Ganesha”

The Past

The simplest gestures of love and respect can prevail over even the toughest of hearts.

The Past is represented in the card “Innocence”. It shows Ganesha against a lavender sky wearing purple. Ganesha is seated in stillness.”By being soft and still, you give the universe the opportunity to assist you in creating your desires.” This card asks you to release any cynicism. If you’ve noticed yourself becoming increasingly critical recognize that a part of you is losing touch with your innocence. We become wrought with expectations as we have more experiences in life and tend to protect ourselves in ways that may not allow for softness.

This is an opportunity to renew a sense of peace within yourself. If you are making any changes in your life, to those important parts of our lives that we categorize, you have the choice to explore and be curious like a child. In this process there is no need to attach yourself to preconceived ideas. Even those ideas built from traumas that we are working to heal.

The innocence card asks you to approach every day with fresh thinking and a new mind. You can even pray for freedom from the things that are holding you down or holding you back. Freedom from fears, freedom from worries, freedom from unhealthy obsession that control thoughts and do great harm to our souls. Absolutely take accountability and allow yourself the freedom to be new.

The Present

Joy is the state of the heart and soul.

The present is represented in the card “Joy”. It shows Ganesha walking along a path wearing red in the company of a friend. “Joy can create in you a sense of contentment, acceptance, and serenity.” Even when our lives feel chaotic, we can have a deep knowing that the turbulence does not dictate the outcome. There is true happiness despite the highs and lows we experience and that even through difficult circumstances we can live in this truth.

This card represents Ganesha acknowledgment of our stresses and exhaustion as we work to adapt to new patterns of behavior. It asks us to release our old stories. The stories that we tell ourselves over and over about who we are and how we came to be. The stories others tell about us that may be worn and outdated. Realize that this life is truly about learning lessons and our lives have specific lessons we individually must learn.

Allow yourself the feelings and emotions required to process these changes in order to experience Joy. This might mean sharing your thoughts and feelings with others. It is important that you share these emotions with people who can honor them and the changes you are going through. Because this is a time of honesty. Being honest with ourselves and with others. The rawness of authenticity.

The Future

The true essence of your soul is one of complete health.

The future is represented in the card “Healing”. Ganesha is pictured sitting on a peacock with an array of greens and deep blues and gold. The presence of the peacock symbolizes balance and healing. The challenges we experience in our daily lives can cause imbalance with who we know ourselves to be. It is easy to allow are external lives to causes feelings of lack. “True healing is only possible when you take responsibility for your own well-being on this earth and your self empowerment.” This card is asking you to see yourself as complete, healthy, and whole. Now in a silly way this reminds me of the saying “fake it till you make it”, but I never liked that idiom. Perhaps it was the fake that confused me. Maybe I understood that there had to be truth to seeing myself as complete, healthy, and whole. Not merely the want of those things. Not merely the suggestion. I do not suggest that the sun shines down on us every day. That is the truth. Even when the sky above us, between us… is gray.

Ganesha Cards #15: Revelation

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha Cards

Get ready for key changes in your external and internal worlds.

This card is a deep royal purple. This color purple is associated with royalty, dignity and luxury. It can also represent balance between the physical and spiritual self. Ganesha can be seen looking down upon the sparkling universe, reveling in its multitude of lights. Ganesha wears a gold crown and beautiful purple robe caught in the movement of the atmosphere.

The revelation card represents coming to the end of a cycle making it time for you to create something new. It is time to break down some of the structures that you have created in your world. This has the potential to feel painful and challenging as you go through the process.

A new perspective will emerge from this deep reflection. You may come to a better understanding about the role of your ego in shaping your decisions and the continued investment in the idea that we are separate from others. This wisdom will help you grow stronger and more composed. Without a doubt there will be some challenges and obstacles that will arise to distract you from this new path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Remain as honest as you can to foster these positive changes even when anxiety arises.

According to Angela, “when you begin to reach for your goal you will come to realize that your true security and strengths lie within yourself and your relationship with the universe, and not in some false belief system or artificially created world. Be willing to reveal your truth to those around you.”

Esho Funi is a phrase that refers to the oneness of life and environment. In SGI Buddhist discussion groups this concept is tapped into quite often and it’s no surprise. Everyone, no matter their belief system, struggles with evaluating the internal and external influences on our lives. We often make decisions to work on our internal development, believing that what occurs in the external is separate from our true selves. While external happenings are viewed at experiences we have a choice to participate in, they are really external reflections of the internal workings of us all. So, that which is outside of us is also inside of us. As all the elements in the Universe are held in each human body and living thing, there is no space between us save for every other molecule. Therefore, a positive revelation for one can cause a ripple effect in the lives of others, interconnected and begging for expansion.

Top 5 Methods for Fixing Everything

We have experienced another year of alterations that cinched the seams of us all. Making us more creative as we have looked inward, allowing us to touch the sensitive parts of ourselves that we buried under work. Making us work harder to be shown as irreplaceable and durable. Our worth tossed between the inevitable revelation that we must still take care of ourselves and others, financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) No one needs another TOP 3-5 list

Listening to the needs and wants of others helps you push product, whether the product is you or your ideas. But many folks, these days, aren’t seeking that type of click-bait. They need more than a list, a list of which you’ve devised based on self-help ideas gathered in most common places. Without strategies that help people apply these ideas and skills you suggest, your posting becomes a reminder of deficits. It is advice without advising.

woman in white long sleeve holding wooden paint brush
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Point your audience in the direction of what you intend to share with them. Names and links that allow individuals to take a deeper dive into the subject you are illuminating. In the medium of writing or research, this would be included in footnotes or endnotes. This is how you support your reliability speaking on a topic. Even this caters to the speaker’s position but it also reassures and supports the audience.

2) Commiserate

I know we want to present ourselves a particular way to the wider audience we can reach and possibly be exactly that which they want reflected back to them. Is that really you? I mean, go ahead and be a cardboard cutout and wave at the public with an ever-present grin. That’s less work than being a cog or an automaton. Which is definitely more work than being a bot. So be yourself. If that allows you to be real and raw with others, honest in a way that frees anyone from the binds of what suppresses us, then that is good work.

When ignorance arises to attack that good work, it’s not a sign to stop. It is not welcomed; to find that opposition to our best selves be given power to silence us. Question our intentions for the betterment of everyone. If that work isn’t good enough for others, it must be good enough for you. Assure yourself of what you share and why you share so when it is called into question you are ready for that conversation or confrontation; even if that confrontation is with the Self.

3) 2022

The highs and lows of the last 2 years are palpable. Partnerships broken and made whole. Lives lost to the very same mortal toils as before the before. The distance between family, friends and the ideas they ponder. Getting back to normal has not happened. Believing “normal” is what we need is a reminder that some of us would prefer a blindfold. Live as we always did, some of us willfully ignorant, others vying for a liberation found on the other side of pristine glass.

4) Do something for you

Read more books. Question. Be kind. Be honest with yourself. Rest. Let the inevitable guilt go. Enter each day as if it is a new year. Don’t commit to a daily routine that makes you feel beholden. Praying, eating, sleeping, exercising, and drinking water can happen when you need them to, especially when you may need more prayer and water than you think.


I wish you good fortune today and tomorrow. May your dreams be realized, may you realize your true dreams.