Making up my mind is less about my mind

Or creating anything that’s not already



The requirement to identify

And make known


Which is not


By the Universe

Or the grasses

Or the ever stretching sky


But to people

Who have a need to know

Something they can

Relate to




Into parts


And indelicate


And altogether

None of their business

Ganesha Cards #25: Be Candid

from Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

It is essential to express your truth even at the risk of standing out.

Express your thoughts! “In the past, you have tried to maintain peace by staying quiet or swallowing your words. Have faith that open and honest communication can bring resolution to the situation.” This is a time to ask questions if you require information. Perhaps someone has helped to communicate a moment of clarity. Be open to others’ views, regardless of their position. Let your response and emotions flow without blocking them–recognize how you feel and what you have heard. Say what you need to say.

However, try your best not to come across as harsh or uncaring. Take a beat. Nine thoughts to a single word. Your ideas are valid and so are the feelings and thoughts of those to whom you communicate.

The color teal is used in this image and represents the throat chakra which governs listening and speaking. It is the gateway to higher spiritual realms. This makes sense if I relate it to chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. When this chakra isn’t blocked you have a better chance of not being misunderstood or miscommunicate your position. “This is where you are able to express yourself as a spiritual being.” Communicating from the heart and listening with intent to understand. You are also able to ask for what you want and need from others.

Your relationships are based on true communication and true intimacy.

I Burn: Bridges, Dreams and Leaving Things Behind

I will set fire to what you refuse to release.

California is on fire like it hasn’t seen in a generation. One of the reasons I left. I hated driving under an orange sky. Worse than a nuclear sunset. The color doesn’t change. The only thing people generally beg for is rain. What you get during Fire Season is ash, the remnants of the world around you, fall on your EVERYTHING.

All it takes is one spark, traveling on a current of air, to spread it further. It can float over a house, crest over a highway, or scorch your path to safety. When you come from a state like this, especially one that offers a lot of outdoors experiences, you learn about the nature of the environment. That earthquakes only make sense because there are very clear and evident fault lines running down and through certain cities. That fires are set on purpose to clear the forest floor and make room for new growth. These are controlled and intentional.

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I feel like I’m walking through dry land and throwing matches at everything that has been dormant. As if I need a set of circumstances to jolt me into reality. I’ve never had to evacuate a city because of a natural disaster or pandemic. I always left because there seemed to be nothing left for me there.

I have taken deep breathes in the fog of a burnt afternoon. I have survived longer than I ever thought. And although this doesn’t sound like a celebration, it is a confession that I am my own celebrant. Each day I wake up, I want something good to come out of it. Something hopeful. My reaction to the real world is generally one of disgust with a slight melange of bullshit.

It shouldn’t be this difficult. We all deserve better. But we can’t have that until we truly want better for everyone. That we recognize there isn’t a deficit but an abundance of what we need, some things and people just hold us back.

Wait…I got a match. 🔥